What We Do

Our Philosophy

Design and build the highest quality fountains and ponds and create peace and tranquility in your private garden space.

We stand behind our products and service by offering a comprehensive warranty.

Professional Fountain & Pond Installation, Cleaning and Repair Services Provider in Orange County

Parts and Repairs

Orange County Pond Fountain Service stocks an inventory of the critical parts, materials, and accessories that you need for construction, maintenance, and repair of your pond and its inhabitants. We only provide the very highest quality so your components last longer and work better for you, and your plants and animals are healthier and happier. Our parts and labor are covered by a one year warranty.

Control Algae in Your Pond or Fountain

Koi Like to Eat High Quality Food

High Quality Food Makes Your Koi Healthy

Plant Nutrients for All Kinds of Aquatic Plants

Keep Your Pond Water Crystal Clear

We take care of different fountains like:

Garden Water Fountains

Backyard Fountains

Wall Fountains

Here are types of ponds that we currently service:

Koi Ponds

Backyard Ponds

Garden Ponds

Highest Quality Pond and Fountain Pumps in Orange County CA

Your Pond Pump is the Most Important Part of Your Pond Equipment

High Volume Low Speed Pumps Are Best For Your Pond

Pond Water Circulation is Vital to the Health of Your Fish and Aquatic Plants

Your Pump Runs All the Time so You Need High Quality Equipment

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Environmental touches are the focus at OC Pond Fountain Service

Flora and Fauna

No pond or fountain is complete without a nice selection of plants and animals. If you need koi fish or plants for your water garden, we can help.

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